Meet DocuSKY

We’re the content delivery platform you never knew you needed. DocuSKY enables you to share, track, analyze and protect your confidential content in the cloud.


Save thousands of dollars and man hours with fast, intelligent content aggregation able to be shared. With DocuSKY, you can merge Pdfs, videos and images into one easy-to-digest file. We’re your internal filing machine.


Until DocuSKY you couldn’t knew how a document was performing until confirmed human feedback. Now you can track the immediate engagement of your corporate content. Whether you are sending a corporate training video or sensitive financial information, DocuSKY allows you to measure who opened what from where and for how long. You are essentially receiving read receipts and real-time analytics of your documents. This guides in curating your content’s effectiveness and therefore increases your ROI.


Fearful of risk and breach of security? DocuSKY is your loyal watch dog. We keep your data secure through precise permission controls that allocate roles, limit collaborators and enable you to restrict where or how a document can be accessed online.


Through a custom API, DocuSKY can still connect in real-time to Xerox's XMPIE and other leading document sharing platforms, allowing you to send your customers an email with a direct link to the document they purchased. Share what you want and be a fly on the wall for the rest.

Why DocuSKY?

DocuSKY is a sophisticated end-to-end digital content platform that gives you the power to control the way your content is read and absorbed. Any content can be misinterpreted but DocuSKY allows you to prevent just that.

Because Business Matters

With DocuSKY, companies worldwide now have the freedom and flexibility to deliver their training materials information in the way they see best - and in a way that works best for their staff. They can adapt to the way employees absorb and retains new information.

DocuSKY is an LMS and an asset management tool combined. It’s a modern content delivery solution, designed and developed for a modern market.

It’s a guaranteed way to transform how your people learn, connect and perform.


The Internet evolves faster than schools and corporations can adapt and update their content to keep up with this change. What they need is synergy – the ability to streamline their content development process and distribute that content freely and securely through the cloud. This way, their content will move “digital speed” and so will their ROI.– Mahir Abdi, Founder of DocuSKY