Digital Document Management Made Easy

Full LMS Integration. Real-Time Data. Intelligent Results.

Multimedia Content Development

Engage your target audience with floating videos, embedded gifs, graphics, bubble notes, static images or annotate Pdfs. Share this functionality with users as you wish or keep content creation freedom to yourself. The choice is yours! With DocuSKY you can upload images, videos and text in a wide range of file formats. Create engaging multimedia content with ease from our intuitive back-end management platform.

Real-Time Data & Analytics

Leverage DocuSKY’s digital reporting suite to quickly and easily demonstrate ROI with every piece of content you sell, create or distribute. Manage user history and gain insight on everything from who opened your content to how long they interacted with it and what kind of notes they made. Keep your documents secure and your content effective, no matter where in the world it is being viewed.

State-of the-Art Security

Rest at ease that your intellectual property is in good hands with DocuSKY. With DocuSKY, your content is encrypted and stored safely within our trusted cloud services. This means you never have to sacrifice security for ease of distribution. You retain full control over user permissions, restricting or enabling access as you wish. Maintain complete control over your brand, while still making your content accessible in the ‘sky’.

Unrestricted Global Access

Empower your audience and team members with on-the-go access to your corporate, sales or learning content. DocuSKY is user-friendly and compatible with smartphones, tablets, Windows, iOS and Android.Say goodbye to lengthy contract approval processes or expensive business conferences. DocuSKY saves you both time and money by helping you push out learning content faster and get big contracts signed and approved within hours – not days.

Adaptability & Ease of Use

Transfer all of your intellectual property or e-learning content to the cloud within one business day. DocuSKY is a user-friendly, intuitive platform that gives you the option to upload single videos and Pdfs on their own or merge them to create something altogether new. Create multimedia content presentations in just a few hours. Secure your entire digital content library in under a day with DocuSKY.

Streamline Your Training Dollars

Paper is the Achilles heel of the 21st Century school or corporation. Schools and institutions worldwide are streamlining their processes quickly to adapt. The operational costs of paper documents and personnel costs of learning seminars are draining modern training budgets. DocuSKY was developed to help schools and companies meet this challenge. DocuSKY is designed to bridge this gap between traditional training methods and the demands of the digital age.

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