Corporate Training Learning Content Management

Your 21st Century Learning Content Management System

Create Better Content from the Cloud with DocuSKY

What is the single most effective thing you can do to improve corporate learning?

74% of companies worldwide use a Learning Management System (LMS) to bring their training into the digital age. Now, the Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is helping corporate leaders take their training even further.


How? By bridging the gap between learner management and content creation. DocuSKY is an LCMS that is designed to complement your existing LMS by streamlining the content creation process. Operated from a centralized cloud server, DocuSKY allows you to share course material: PDFs, videos, images and more, safely and securely with your subscribers.


Whether you are a banking institution with strict security protocol or a tech startup extending your global reach, you can rest assured your proprietary information is safe in our DocuSKY.


Your corporate training content is an asset. Make it an even more profitable asset with DocuSKY. 


From within one centralized platform, DocuSKY allows training managers and development teams to automate the content development process. As a cloud-based Learning Content Management System, or LCMS, it also complements any LMS by extending the lifecycle of your training content.


Understanding the monetary value of employee engagement, we designed DocuSKY to leverage the strengths of your staff, providing them with training that meets their needs and helps you see greater ROI.


DocuSKY is an LCMS that supports and enables collaboration, worldwide. Through interactive video conferences, discussion boards, chat panels and multimedia capabilities, your staff will learn and grow in sync.


Want to maintain your talent and inspire them to innovate and compete in today’s marketplace?


DocuSKY empowers you to do just that!


DocuSKY was designed for professional training services:

Communicate: Conduct remote interviews, webinars and employee-centered discussion boards that allow you to engage directly with your staff and provide constant learning support.

Author: Create more interactive content with annotations, floating videos, and multimedia content that will amplify the learning process and ensure employee engagement.

Prioritize: Gain more flexibility by synchronizing seamlessly with online or mobile devices for flexible training hours to adapt to employee work/home life.

Analyze: Track employee progression with daily audits that include insights on employee collaboration and their training progress.


DocuSKY is compatible with:

  •      Windows
  •      iOS
  •      Android
  •      Smartphones & Tablets
  •      Xerox XMPIE


DocuSKY works seamlessly with devices from a wide range of manufacturers to streamline your workflow. Manage your trainee’s content from any location, with easy cloud access. 

Provide potential candidates, existing employees, and training departments with a collaborative learning environment, designed for their convenience and yours.

Put your employees’ training experience on cloud nine in DocuSKY.